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The list of approved third party inspectors, as well as instructions on how to become approved
Inspections investigate all building, grading and infrastructure permits to ensure compliance with building codes, laws and regulations and to protect public health and safety and the natural environment.

Article 15 of the County Code outlines the responsibility and duties of the department with respect to conducting inspections. 

County Code Article 15

COVID requirements for Inspections

  • 6 feet social distance shall be maintained at all times from the inspector.
  • The inspector has a right to refuse inspection where the environment is deemed unsafe.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a re-inspection. The contractor will be required to reschedule and pay a re-inspection fee. The county will not be held liable for project delay for such reasons. 

Types of Inspections

Land Use Navigator

The Land Use Navigator is a web based application that allows customers to access County licensing services online. 

System Help Land Use Navigator

Permit Center

The Permit Center is the County's central location for customers to schedule inspections should they be unable to do so online. 

2664 Riva Road, Heritage Office Complex
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 222-7730