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Anne Arundel County, City of Annapolis Awards $1.5 Million To Support Watershed Protection and Restoration

8 local projects focused on improving shallow water quality and reducing stormwater runoff will receive funding to implement projects in the County and City of Annapolis


Annapolis, MD (July 25, 2023) County Executive Pittman and Mayor Gavin Buckley today announced eight projects implemented in Annapolis and other locations in Anne Arundel County will receive a total of $1.5 million in funding through the Watershed Restoration Grant Program to improve water quality in local shallow waterways, reduce stormwater and sediment runoff, and build resilient living shorelines.


"The collaboration between community organizations and private landowners to clean up our rivers represent the type of public-private partnerships we are always seeking to facilitate,” said County Executive Pittman. “The county can't do this work alone, and these partnerships multiply our efforts to make Anne Arundel County The Best Place - For All.”


To be considered for funding, projects needed to be implemented in Anne Arundel County, including the City of Annapolis, and applicants were encouraged to engage at least one partner that represents a stakeholder group based in the county. Projects receiving funding include:

  • Camp Whippoorwill Shoreline Restoration - Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
  • Long Point Living Shoreline - Arundel Rivers Federation
  • Preserve at Broad Creek Restoration - Arundel Rivers Federation
  • Broad Creek Gully Restoration at the Belvoir Plantation - Chesapeake Rivers Association
  • Kingsport Crab Cove Restoration and Permitting - Kingsport Community Association
  • Downspout Disconnections, Submerged Gravel Wetland and Bioretention Pond Project - Fairwinds of Annapolis - Fairwinds of Annapolis Condo Council
  • Georgetown East Stormwater Control - Severn River Association, Inc.
  • Upland Truxtun Cove Subwatershed Design - Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC)

Projects accomplish on-the-ground, cost-effective treatment of impervious surfaces to control stormwater runoff and remove harmful pollutants to help improve shallow water quality. A report published by the Chesapeake Bay Program earlier this year recommended that Bay restoration efforts focus on areas that are more likely to show improvement. All county projects, excluding those directly on the Bayfront, primarily focus on improving the quality of shallow waters.

"Improvements to Chesapeake Bay water quality don't happen with one big project that fixes everything," said Mayor Gavin Buckley. "It is a series of improvements along small creeks and tributaries that help us meet our long-term goals. The City thanks the Trust for being our partner in funding projects with our communities and local non-profits and thanks the grantees that help us achieve our water quality goals.”

The Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration Grant Program was created in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Anne Arundel County Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration, and the City of Annapolis to support watershed restoration projects and programs throughout Anne Arundel County.

“Each grant cycle, local non-profits bring a portfolio of well-considered, meaningful water quality projects to the Trust, reflecting community priorities for restoration.” said Erik Michelsen, Deputy Director of the County's Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration. “This work not only helps the county achieve its clean water regulatory goals, but also builds confidence in the community that local dollars are going back into the ground, protecting local waterways.”


The goal of improving the health of our waterways is advanced through the engagement of local nonprofit groups and communities. The Trust’s mission is to empower these groups to conceive, own, and lead their own projects to beautify their neighborhoods while treating stormwater at the same time. This type of stewardship has been shown to lead to higher sustainability of projects, and therefore longer-term benefits.

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