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Facility Scheduling Office

Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks has a joint use agreement with the Anne Arundel Board of Education. All use of Board of Education indoor and outdoor facilities is scheduled by the Department of Recreation and Parks with the exception of:
  • School-Sponsored Events
  • Religious Activities
  • Use By Commercial Groups
  • Indoor Use by Non-Anne Arundel County Groups
Prior to requesting the use of a public facility, all organizations, except those solely requesting the use of a regional park, recreation center, pool, safety turf field, pavilion or picnic area, must first become accredited or be designated as Level Three – Non-Accredited Other with the Department of Recreation and Parks (refer to Organizational Accreditation).
Requests for Board of Education property, school use, Recreation & Parks facilities or pavilions request should be submitted via ActiveNet. Organizations should be set up within ActiveNet with specified users. Contact the Facility Scheduling office at (410) 222-7315 with questions regarding your access to ActiveNet.

Read the Facility Scheduling FAQs for additional information. 

Request Reservation

To reserve a facility you will need to obtain a Login Name and Password and then click the "Request Reservation" button. You will be asked to select an event type, submit a description and input a maximum number of guests. Search for your facility by Facility Type and select the facility you wish to reserve.

If you are unsure how to reserve a facility click link below for a "How to" guide on making a facility reservation.

Advanced Planning, regardless of the type of Facility being requested or the period of use received less than ten (10) working days in advance of the planned activity of use is subject to denial for a lack of processing time.  Advance planning is the inherent responsibility of all facility users.
Reserve a Facility


Turf Fields

Request cannot be processed online at this time.  The Facility Request Form is below. Please complete this form and submit to

Requests for use of the turf fields are processed as they are received.  Permits for turf fields are generally issued for 30 day blocks of time.

Turf field use is prioritized as follows:  Anne Arundel County Board Of Education use, Recreation & Parks games, scrimmages, and programs, accredited user groups in the listed order.

Request for Turf Field



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